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Undeniably, Thais are slowly getting rapt with the unique allure of Australia as their brand-new popular vacation destination. A check out to Australia to discover educational and work potential customers while examining the opera house in Sydney on the side or jumping with the kangaroos in Tasmania for the a lot more daring ones or to consult with their Australian close friends or boyfriends and also relatives or just to experience the Down Under side of life are some of the engaging factors Thais enjoy to go to Australia for a holiday.

Nonetheless, it’s never easy to recognize this plan particularly when it comes to common Thais who need to go through the visa application procedure to be able to get in Australia for a check out. Undoubtedly, the visa application is a complicated process especially for first time candidates that are not accustomed to the procedure.

Traveler Visa kinds

As Thais are prevented from using Electronic Traveling Authority, an Australian site visitor visa equivalent that can be applied online or organized by traveling agents and airlines, they are entrusted to the alternative to do the tourist visa application the normal way.

Specifically, Thais are qualified to use visitor visa under the following visitor visa subclasses: Vacationer visa (subdivision 676) – This is a momentary visa that enables you to remain in Australia for either 3, six or even a year. Funded Family members Site visitor visa (subdivision 679) – This visa is for those who desire to see their household or loved ones in Australia for an optimum remain duration of one year. This calls for formal sponsorship from the Australian resident or permanent resident seen.


Just like when applying for tourist visas for various other nations, the Australian vacationer visa challenge entails conference particular requirements to be provided the visa. The Australian government wants to make sure that the visa applicant is coming back to his house nation after his permitted see to Australia so it’s essential verifying your solid ties with Thailand.

Your connections with Thailand can be in the form of your stable employment, possessions as well as properties, savings accounts and dependents. These ties require to be correctly established and also documented to be acknowledged by the consular office.

In addition to these ties, the visa officer will likewise be taking a look at the candidate’s economic setting. Are you monetarily with the ability of supporting yourself throughout your stay in Australia? Or if you are going there with the sponsorship of your Australian friend or loved ones, are your enrollers financially stable to handle your expenditures and also provide you lodging when you arrive?

For this requirement, you need to reveal savings account or earnings declaration, bank declarations and various other proofs of your economic capacity. Your sponsor will additionally need to declare his need to fund you by subjecting himself to economic check up by the AUS government. This is part of his making the official sponsorship process. Finally, it’s constantly good to include a copy of your plan in your application to show the officer your clear objective of remain in the nation. Check out more information on ESTA in this link.


For the typical tourist visa otherwise referred to as subclass 676, the common visa process applies. The visa candidate completes the type and also provides documents in support of his/her application The documentations include his plan, savings account, passbooks, and also residential property title deeds, medical insurance, among others.

Once everything is ready and also total, he can go to the Australian embassy and lodge his visa application. A corresponding visa application cost is anticipated. The consular office takes 5-10 working days to refine your visa application. Candidates under Sponsored Visitor Visa, on the other hand, comply with a much more thorough treatment for the visa application. It includes 2 steps as complies with:

Step 1 – The applicant completes the application and also sends this together with appropriate supporting paperworks to his Australian enroller.

Step 2 – The sponsor fills out the sponsorship kind and afterwards submits this together with all visa application forms, documentations. The enroller will certainly also pay the visa application in behalf of the visa candidate being sponsored It ought to be noted that applications by sponsorship can be lodged at the local Division of Migration and also Citizenship (DIAC) workplace.

Typically, visa applications are processed in the state or area where the sponsor lives. It takes 6 weeks to refine this visa kind yet can take longer depending on your conditions.

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If your visa is accepted, a visa tag will certainly be stamped on your passport including visa information as well as conditions. You ought to be wary concerning these details and also ask the police officer if there’s a detail which isn’t clear to you. If your visa is not authorized, the embassy will send you a rejection letter outlining the factors for the refusal, your review legal rights and also the deadline for lodging a charm (if appropriate).


Truthfully talking, you can do the Australian Traveler Visa application process on your own. Nonetheless, if you are not positive that you are doing the appropriate point since you don’t actually comprehend the process and also the requirements, it’s simply prudent to enlist the solutions of a respectable visa representative to aid you. The visa representative will be able to aid with the proper means of doing it thus increasing the chances of your visa application getting accepted.

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